Bio Page 5 Other Key Clients

• Jacobs Engineering. Pasadena. 40,000 people worldwide; 12 Divisions. World’s most admired Engineering and Construction Company. Their clients include NASA, new US Strike Fighter, and major Civil, Petroleum Players.
• UBC. Confidential. Structural and development role.
• Southwest Airlines. Confidential strategy.
• Foothills Model Forest. Strategic Review.
• Canada’s most successful Financial Services Firm. (Governance, Strategy, Structure, Hiring, Marketing.)
• B.C. Government. A Workshop on Added Value in Forest Products.
• Various sponsors. A Workshop on Nanotechnology in Forestry, with an SRI consultant.
• Keen Engineering. Strategy, Conference Design and Delivery. HR and Marketing issues.
• A leading niche building products BC manufacturer, growing fast and profitably (40% RONA) in Canada and the US. Strategy, and workshop design and delivery.
• One of the world’s most established environmental oil spill organizations, based in Canada, with global operations.
• Northern Health Authority. First a Board-Management Review, then Strategic Reviews, then separate work with Medical Advisory Committee for a coordinated approach to delivery of innovative Health Care.
• A top-ranked Canadian Golf Club (Capilano). Strategy, focus groups on gender equity.
• Forintek and FERIC. Strategic Plans (#3 for Forintek), meeting design, research co-ordination, futures presentation. Now integrated into FPInnovations.
• A sustainable planning project for the Region, which will led to a new facility–built while remaining fully operational.
• BCMEA. Maritime Employers. Major work with a container strategy. This follows successful project to amalgamate the BCMEA and the WFEA. Major Management-Union project under way after a successful 2 day meeting.
• P&O Ports of London. Project planning session with Suppliers, Consultants, Management and Union to double capacity of a facility in six months on the same footprint with no disruption in service.

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