Group Dynamics Mastery, Speeches and Workshop Presentations

Group Dynamics with Complex Technical Decisions. We have access to what is probably the only copy of an outstanding video that was made for advanced Group Dynamics Training and was then somehow allowed out of print. This is the core of a three hour session on Group Dynamics that has received the highest ratings amongst Executives concerned with mastering problem solving technical meetings and senior students (UBC Engineering co-op, 2012/2013).

This session is ideal for people attending annual meetings as it combines real learning (with concise notes) with an entertaining look at some key figures on TV.

There has nefver been a greater need for the learnable skills detailed precisely in this session. It can be combined with a follow up using live videoi feedback in a problem solvving meeting. This work is unforgettable for particpants and is based on Dr Cawood’s Ph.D. thesis involving hundreds of hours of real time video feedback.


David has just completed a study of key future strategic drivers in the next five years, with the assistance of a pool of clients. Input has come from people such as the Chief Scientists at a leading set of tech firms (with some specific forecasts of future computing).

The presentation based on this study details key strategic drivers that are unprecedented and irreversible. Some of these are economic, some technical, and some behavioural. These are presented in an entertaining yet instructive way to help people agree on key change drivers that are relevant to Board concerns. Certain aspects of the strategic plan have to be devoted to accommodating efficiencies, while other aspects need to pay attention to genuinely new frameworks. The key is generating enthusiastic consensus on these.

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