Executive Counseling. The time Crunch and Carl Jung

Our President, Dr. David Cawood has spent many years exploring two parallel paths of interest. One of these relates to the traditional world of Strategic Planning delivered with a highly participative approach. The other has been a lifetime interest in novels, movies, and behavioural psychology involving personal training and in a major personal sabbatical.

He believes that the current pressures on our time and attention will get worse. We have to find personal ways of dealing with the onslaught of e-mails and pressures. Attention spans are shortening, and decisions are getting shallower. The prevailing wisdom in the business world promises at best very short-term solutions. Even people who profess a depth approach, like Stephen Covey, base their work on asking people to prepare a personal mission statement. But this statement will always simply incorporate all the issues that the individual has brought into his or her career up to this time. More is needed.

A radical change is often needed if people are to get to new heights of leadership. Jim Collins in ”Good to Great” calls this “Level 5 Leadership” where people manage from a base of personal humility and professional will. Collins says that he has no idea how Level 5 Leadership is attained. We do!

This radical change has been developed into a credible, ethical, interesting and tailored process by David, and will be the subject of our next book, articles, speeches and a workshop. These have an underlying basis in the works of Carl Jung, supplemented by leading writers and thinkers from a very wide range of sources.

In the meantime, contact us for specifics or references.

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